Less in, move more

My dear friend Fetty sent me her essay on diabetes and ways to reduce mortality of patients with diabetes. Her introductory paragraph includes some stats which showed that there is increasing number of people in Brunei who are diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 30 and above.


Say what??

I shouldn’t be surprised really. With the amount of eating we do. And sedentary lifestyle – by that I mean driving everywhere and insisting on parking RIGHT IN FRONT of the desired location’s door and generally less output, more input.

I once read a local mummies fb forum where someone asked what the best pills/jamu/herbal remedies to take to lose weight. Before we even think of taking any pills/jamu/herbal remedies, we should think – are we eating right? right portions? right food? Are we exercising?

“Less food, move more”

Now this aint easy. Cos yknow socialising – esp at someone’s house – involves food and the food served are not necessarily (equal to never) “healthy” options. Its either fried or fried or fried. And the desserts – we LOVE our desserts.

Who wants salad? Nobody makes friends with salad!

Also as a nation, we dont incorporate veggies much in our food. Unless you count on the odd jaruk or random taugeh in soto or maybe a wilted greenery in your mee mamak.

So am I *really* surprised that diabetics are getting younger and younger? That youngsters are more “sihat” – how ironic that word is! That heart disease is leading cause of death in Brunei.

I’ve tried thinking of breakfast options that are healthy (to make for my parents) but cant go beyond cucur pisang/udang/ubi manis or mee goreng. I guess if I lessen the oil in nasi/mee goreng and put lotsa veggies in it, then itd be a healthier option.

Basically what I’d love to do is get together with a dietician and nutritionist and work out how best to serve local delicacies with minimal amount of “bad” stuff in it (cholesterol, sugar,etc) and incorporate more vegs and fruity goodness in our meals. OMG I could be like Jamie Oliver of Brunei!!!

The thing is diabetes (type 2 – the ones inflicting adults) and heart disease are PREVENTABLE. Our body is an amanah from Allah, it’s high time we stand together to take responsibility for it.

Ahem excuse me while I get down feom my mighty horse and put on my jogging shoes which I havent donned since forevah.

Love me

Ps I am quite serious in trying to find recipes that are palatable to our people. Any suggestions? Maybe I’ll rack my brain more and post up as many recipes that are easy, quick (a must!) and good for our hearts.

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