Cool links/shares

Zipper penis If the title of the story hasnt got your attention already, I must recommend this read for a definite LOL. Well, it made me want to snort my coffee out and burst out a hyena-like laughter, but had to restrain pasal baby tidur shhh.

*Crappy pictures is a website of a mom telling stories about her kids and motherhood. And a lot of them, I can relate to!! Love the way she illustrates things and honest way of saying things* I don’t know how I started reading her website but I’ve been a follower ever since Zayan was born.

A town with no roads
How awesome is that?? They just use pathways or boats. Look at the pictures, just makes me wanna visit the tranquil town and check it out! Reading a comment there and a reader said that he lives there an when the river gets frozen, you can just skate your way round. Awessommmeee.

Tafsir Qur’an Came across this, who is affiliated with Sheikh Nouman Ali khan – and y’know, what a fan I am of his speeches. Love!

Jamie’s 15 minute meals Love his 30 minute meals book, constant use in our kitchen. And now he has 15 minute meals! It’s written in a more organised manner, which I like, and the recipes are more varied I feel than his last book. It has suggestions of stuff I won’t think of cooking or even putting in my meal but it looks yummeh on the pics and oh so inviting. I’ve tried one recipe – some seabass Asian recipe. It took me 20 mins in TOTAL to make. A success, I must say.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared
Love how long the title of the book is! M bought me a kindle for my birthday and so far, I’ve only read 3 books from it. Guilty as charged! Blame work and the bebe sleeping next to me. This is the most recent book I’ve read – not sure where I heard it from, maybe I got intrigued with the title haha! I thought it was gonna be a non-fiction somehow but it is all fiction and just funny. I’ve learnt more about the world’s communist history from it – and it’s not boring!

Like I didn’t know Stalin died due to stroke and had delayed treatment partly cos he told his guards not to wake him up when he went to bed and they were too afraid to enter his room and check on him when he didnt come out the next day. Random history fact!


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