iPhone pictures

Ok, I gotta admit. I love using my iphone’s camera. I have to start deleting pictures because I used 8 GB on photos in there. So now, I have hatched a master project! With whatsapp and smartphones, my brothers and I have been sharing photos of us (the kids) from their stay here. It’s awesome looking at the pictures but what would be more awesome is if it is all compiled together, right?

My plan now is to find a software (because there MUST be one!) where I can compile all our iphone photos and make it into a book. Cos you know picture prints just don’t do anymore. Plus if it’s an online book, I can just share it for all and less $$!!

Now to find a software/app….

There is Shutterfly, which is US based company. Good reviews. However, as from US, I’m not sure how much price for shipping will be. Karang lagi mahal ada tah pulang!

There’s also Snapfish, UK company, but the website layout is not as appealing and as user-friendly as Shutterfly. With Shutterfly, I can have an account (akin to Flickr, I’m assuming) and people can see photos from there as well. Snapfish is more of a photo printing company where you can upload photos and print it out to a book/mug/keychain.

Ooh ooh, found a software for Instagram! Ok focus Fiz focus….

Gotta go!

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