Pics update

My life in last 4 weeks in random
order cos I’m too lazy to put them in a nice chronological order.

From Birmingham to Bicester Village to Leicester to Manchester. Lotsa road trips and yet Zayan cries in his car seat!!


Brushing teeth at staircase. M was on night shifts and basically I was on solo baby duty. This means that Zayan and I took our shower (me)/bath(him) at the same time. On a normal day, I usually brush my teeth at the end but he was getting impatient in his bath, so I had to brush my teeth after I dress him. Except he kept coming to the bathroom with me. End result: brushing teeth together at the staircase.


Taken at Bicester Village. We were waiting for their parents to habis sembahyang and I had to entertain the kids somehow. This isnt the best pic of me but it’ll have to do as its the only pic Zayan was looking. This is our ‘sad face’ pic.

Nb. I know, so typically bruneian to go to Bicester village! But Ka Nining hasnt been there ever and wants to see what the fuss is all about. I had an internal dilemma whether to get a Coach bag or not (mau jua but macam typical jua getting a coach bag. and so my braim fights over the whole ‘you want it more cos of the brand’ issue). Ended up not buying it. Figured if I pass the exam, theres an excuse to celebrate but need to hold the pounds at the mo.

I got a Superdry jacket though! Haha. Well I’ve always wanted to get one but kemahalan, so yeahhh 30% discount is good! And also I bought M a superdry shirt since we go in the shop from time to time but never buy anything! Sekali turns out the baju is a female’s shirt! Oopsie. I’m not the only bimbo one though cos my abang bought a shirt too from the same rack and inda muat! (girls shirt)


At Trafford centre, Manchester. Cousins from oldest to youngest. Hello zayan on the floor!


The four oldest kids at Legoland discovery centre, Trafford Centre, Manchester. We spent about 3 hours there.

Kids get to go on a go-cart kinda thing (though it looked more like a mini quad bike), giant jungle gym, play with huge legos, went to the animation 3D (didnt go there so I cant tell you how
good it was). M killed time on the ‘test and try’ area where you build your own mini car using -doh- lego. Zayan had fun at the jungle gym – there were 2 sections. One that looked
more for the boisterous older kids and ahem adults (all my brothers went in). One was suitable for Zayan and he liles the idea of roaming around without being told to stop. The girls (Bazlaa,6, and Ayesha,5) found a girly lego section where there was hopscotch, make believe oven and area to build
legos that was in pretty pastel colours.

Anyway the point is the place isnt that big but theres something for everyone. At the centre of it was the cafe area where my parents sat and watched each kid that was deposited there to ‘rest’.

The kids at Manchester at my sis in law’s place. Zayan belabih mau ikut main!

Happy Birthday Ameen!


Zayan watching ipad from afar as Abang Ameen wont let him near. lol! kesian! Kana outcast tapi mau jua masih meliat.

Got a froyo when we went to Birmingham. Macam craving jua each time people in Bru post a froyo pic on IG!

note: strawberries are good. The mango bubble isnt (overload sugary additives)

At a national park in Ipseich, going segway riding. Those things are awesome! We went there as our 2nd anniversary thang and also to see the inlaws.


My Sayang! We dont get to
have many couple time so it was nice to be out with just me and him thatday. Thanks Amma and
Nadhrah for taking care of Zayan!

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