Things I’ve learnt as a mum

Zayan is 9 months! NINE months! Wow, how time flies. Anyway I’ve thought about it and these are amongst the things I’ve learnt as a mum:

1. It is hugely satisfying getting a booger out of a baby’s nose. Methods of extraction varies and may or may not end up with tears. Baby in question will never understand this satisfaction.

2. Elmo lives in youtube, not just sesame street. This fact is a good thing to know for purposes of distraction.

3. Don’t bother with fancy toys, the kid will be more enthralled with the box that comes with the fancy toy (or strings/wires/tape).

4. To stop a baby from going to the TV/PS3/DVD area, place a huge box of toys in front of them. In fact, you can cover it and baby will think he has discovered a chest of treasures that are forbidden!

5. Keep the mantra ‘Ayah/mama always wins’. You need to psyche yourself up and baby/kid will eventually understand! (or so we like to think)

6. It’s only when your kid spikes a temperature, gave a big projectile vomit and pooped some watery poo on your bed that you realise how much your parents have done for you, and what patience they had when you were sick. (Thank you, Pa, Ma)

7. Kids do the darndest things and it’s just so cute. Like when zayan played with my hair band and ended up on his ear lobe, which he didnt realise. He kept turning his head as he felt something on that ear. The hair band eventually fell and I couldnt stop laughing (at him). Ketawa jua ya, macam paham saja!

8. Except maybe, my colleague’s toddler who took his finger up his bum – yes you read that right-, took some poo out of his anus and proceeded to put stained finger up his sleeping dad’s nose. Dad was on baby duty post-nights, you kinda have to forgive him. So moral of the story: don’t be the sole carer after a night shift!

9. It’s surprising to see how a small being can take so much space on the bed! How??!!

10. Kid’s porridge/cereals are actually pretty yummy.

Zayan is sick at the mo and did number 6 last night. He is not wanting to eat anything – which is a NEVER for him- and only drinking half the amount he normally drinks. He wants to breastfeed all the time, which is fine except I dont really have much to offer I think as only breastfeeding at night usually. I am also feeling feverish, which doesnt bode well on taking care of him. M is post nights and zonked out – and also refer to number 8. Ya Allah, give me and my son good health and strength and get through this! (Drama jua eh)

Love, me

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