Being Elmo

Zayan LOVES Elmo. Ok, ok, so I’ve discovered that youtube is great distraction for Zayan. We try different cartoons for him but what puts a smile on his face and gets him sitting captivated is Elmo. And when we’re in the car and he’s screaming (he hates being in the car seat), he will quieten down when we put on youtube video of Elmo. If I’m driving, obviously I can’t hold up the phone to him so I connect my phone to the car speakers and he’ll quieten down when Elmo’s voice comes up!

I’m sure this is a phase and he will move on to bigger things, like ultraman and Ben 10 (or whatever cartoon goes big in next few years). But I think Elmo is adorable, so I dont mind listening to Elmo!

Did you know the guy that does Elmo’s voice is a black guy? I didnt expect that! I’m trying to not be politically incorrect but I dont know if he’s african american or just african ….so I’ll just settle for black guy and hope you know that I’m being descriptive rather than politically incorrect! What a minefield this politically correct world!

Btw my family are all here – well, Big Bro 2 and family has just boarded the plane back home as we speak. Last weekend, we all converged in Manchester and it was hectic, with 9 adults and 7 kids (1 baby included! All kids below 7 years old). We all went to Legoland and Trafford centre and basically chilled at home, eating good cooked food and one kid or two being told off or bursting into tears/tantrum at one point or the other. On the last day we were there, I was determined to get the kids off the ipads/tv/laptop (how technically literate these kids are!) and started playing old-school carah and hide and seek and ‘belon’ games with them. Success! Sigh, I remember playing hide and seek with my cousins when we were younger- sampai teens ani bah! Now everyone becomes antisocial and resorts to checking their iphones or ipads, we must get the young kids to run more and play together! It’s quite funny to play hide and seek, basically one kid and myself hide together whilst the others count to 5 (or Uda counts it more like). The hidden kid usually giggles or makes themselves known and hence found first. Then the other kids go ‘Mana ucu girl? Did you see her???’ and the kid would go ‘I don’t know!!’. Chantek aka Ayesha even pointed them to the wrong direction. HAHA love it!

Also, the kids are fussy eaters and M and I were desperately trying to get them to finish their food, mushrooms (in spaghetti bolognaise) included. I told them that if they eat their dinner and lunch, and are good boys and girls, they can eat the chocolate/sweets we bought for them. But if they misbehave or dont finish eating, not only do they not eat their chocs but their chocs would be handed over to other good boys& girls. Alee’s face lit up with this goal-orientated concept. The thing was we spent a long time at M&S as they get to choose their own choc/sweets and of course, finding the one perfect confectionary to fit their sweet tooth is hard for a 3-7 yr old. I got tired in the end of their indecisiveness and counted to 20 and threatened to choose for them kalau durang balum choose themselves. It worked, bar Umar who kept shouting ‘STOP! STOP!’ – with hand gestures lagi – and then broke down in tears at ’18’. HAHA Cant take the pressure! Anyway after ALL that, I made them wait till the next day, just to be the mean aunty and also practice delayed gratification and use it as a lever for good behaviour. In the end, lupa jua durang about it!

Anyway, I’ve told them off a lot these last few days – esp at Trafford centre where they just wanted to run around and around and main carah tia. Ehhh paning eh. Eventually, I told them they can only play on a certain section near this fountain, out of people’s way, and all was good despite Chantek kana tulak and fell on her face. But I was distracted whatsapping at one point and they ran off to this posh art gallery/shop where M aka ucu boy was and started running around in there! Herded them out and then began to tell them off ‘KAMU MAU UCU TERIAKI KAMU KAH?!! PLAY HERE SAJA!’ Paning, paning!

It’s quite endearing to see them play with Zayan though. And Zayan gets so excited and wanna play with them. Except he wants to play with the littlest – Ameen (2 yrs old) and Umar (3 yrs old). But they dont want to play with him!!! (we reckon they feel threatened) Iman, the oldest, is quite cute and gives him cuddles and high fives and ‘play’ with him every so often. And if I want zayan to be distracted, Iman comes to the rescue! Iman has grown to be this nyanyah and nada filter becakap boy (bordering on rude tapi inda sengaja) but kadang2 berakal jua, looking after zayan and his siblings.

Anyway even after all the telling off, they still want to play with me. So I figured, all is good!

I’m gonna miss those rascal munchkins!

Lotsa love,

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October 6, 2012 · 9:25 am

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