The show must go on, even after fainting

Back at work yesterday after a 10 day hiatus (given off – love being a part timer!). Unfortunately I have a cold – one of those cotton wool in the head, sniffling, feeling rough kinda cold. Zayan had it first, which makes the whole thing worse cos it meant him being extra clingy and lotsa interrupted sleep at night.

Today I felt even rougher. Last night Zayan decided that he wants to play at 2 am. At first I was able to ignore him in my half awake, half zombie state as he just sat quite happily chatting to himself but he started climbing on top of us and attempting to get stuff out of the bedside table. Sigh! M woke up and took him out of the room, and I can safely assume he went to sleep after that cos both of them didnt appear again until 5 pm when Zayan wanted a feed.

Anyway long story short, I fainted at work. As I said I felt rough to begin with and still feeling panas badan and the Neonatal unit is quite warm. Then there was a procedure that involved me being gowned up (like in theatres, minus the mask) and it went ok. It was inserting a long line into this lil baby’s foot. It was my first time doing it and it took awhile but I got there in the end. HOWEVER, towards the end, whilst my registrar was helping me secure it, i felt woozy and kan pengsan lah basically. So even though I was supposed to be sterile ie not touch anything not sterile, I had to sit down. Baik jua ada this comfy chair near me.

At the same time tah jua, my registrar got called for a crash call (a baby born in poor condition) and she had to go away. So there I laid feeling clammy and trying to stay awake. But I felt so clammy and kan pengsan sampai buka tudung. The nurse assisting came to me and was asking about the long line – we havent exactly finished and she was asking me something. I vaguely remember answering her – something about keeping baby still – and then next thing I know, I was fanned and given hypostop (basically water with lotsa sugar in it) that they took from their box for babies with low sugars. Recovered after that – kana suruh naik the office chair with wheels and wheeled outside to get some air. Embarassing ok!

Anyway recovered after that but still feel shaky. However, the show must go on cos the other doctors havent come back from the crash call and the nurses wanted me to finish the procedure. Sigh!

Life in the front line continues!

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