NuffnangX is aweessomeee!

If you dont know me already, I’m a serial blog stalker hopper. And the blogs I stalk hop
to are so random as well!

There’s two from NYC and another US based one, a few from Malaysia and occasionally the bruneian blogs. (And of course one tumblr from Laos winks winks) The bruneian bloggers now don’t write as much, I like the more worded blogs rather than just pictures.

Anyhoooooo, I have found an awesome medium for my blog hopping activities! It’s an app called ‘NuffnangX’ and to put it succintly, it’s like instagram
but for blogs!

The most awesome part is
how easy and fast it is to comment (as opposed to like in the conventional blogspot/wordpress/etc where it takes longer to comment). Just like
in instagram!

Actually that’s not the most awesome part. The genius of this app is that you can access blogs (and comment) easily through your phone (i THINK it works for iphone and android…..).

Soooo apa lagi! Download the NuffnangX and we can connect even more through there!

Love me

Ps Ahem, for that certain Laos tumblr, I recommend this for you
cos I’ve been stalking your tumblr through there and can now
comment through there. Antah kenapa
I cant operate tumblr’s comment
section even though I’ve registered. You can’t see my comments until you have nuffnangx! (I can only
assume you have an iphone! hehe)

Pps read and if your look through his posts, he’ll explain better on it. He’s a Msian entepenuar cum genius behind this app! (one of the


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2 responses to “NuffnangX is aweessomeee!

  1. fadlina

    thats me! * waves hand*

    Dl-ed the app in an instant! thanks! still learning my ways through it. but yes, i agree. the bruneian blogs that i follow hardly update anymore and it makes me sad and frustrated!

    which bruneian blogs do u follow? cos i love to read blogs of people i know. or ppl that i dont know, whom i eventually come to know through stalking. hahaha.

    ps. rano oranakbrunei or bruneiresources doesn’t count 😛

    i added you already xx

    • Salaam fadlina, sorry for the very very late reply. I used to follow maurina and kisich and Ness, but they havent updated much. And I follow Nisa’s -erm dunno full name- blog too (Hi Nisa!!!!!), even though she has only just updated it now after YONKS of not writing.

      Who do you stalk? hehe!

      PS To Nisa, if you’re reading this, I am still stalking your blog!

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