The third culture kid

I thought I should post up pics because the blog is devoided of pics for awhile. Also M is surprised I havent put up more pics of bebeh here. And also I was reading back my old blog and felt happy to see pics back from uni #downthememorylane


Here’s a pic from a recent playdate. Zayan and Pearl, who’s 6 months younger than him and oh so cute. Pearl
is half Indian, half Cypriot (or maybe quarter cypriot, quarter russian). Cant remember mom’s origin but her mum (my friend and ex colleague) is pretty like a Russian model. So of course Pearl has that exotic mixed heritage look going on with her fairer-than-normal black hair and melantik eyelashes.

Random: I just realised Zayan’s playdate buddies are all of mixed heritage. Riaz is half pakistani, half White. And if Hala (close friend here) has a baby, baby will be half yemeni, half libyan.

It reminds me of an article on wikipedia called ‘Third culture kid’. Basically it talks about how theres a growing generation of third culture kids – like Zayan. Where the kids are of certain race but grows up in different culture/country. End product is that they dont always feel at home with BOTH cultures and feel like theyre stuck in this middle ground of nothing and no one can relate to them except for other third culture kids. Thats why they fare better in international schools cos they are with their kindreds. Also they tend to be more
open and tolerant of other cultures – so at least thats something good!

I do get worried that Zayan will feel like he doesnt belong anywhere but maybe thats not necessarily a bad thing. M, being mixed himself, feels like that – neither chinese or bangladeshi or particularly british- and he’s grown up ok. I guess at the end of the day, you’re Allah’s Abd and that’s all you need to remember.


Just to admit that I am
an iphone mum 😥😓 I tried to resist but its the one thing that stops
him from crawling around/crying kdand the 5 min sesame st clip
helps when I pray!


Over and out. Bye y’all!


Taking his first few steps soon me thinks!

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