Back in the game!

Edit: This was supposed to be posted two days ago but I guess I didn’t click ‘Post’!

So, I sat for my Part 2 paeds exam yesterday.

If you do desperately want to know how it went, well…. nyeh. Let’s just say, I finished the morning exam with a headache and then by 4.30 pm, after the second part, I was numb. My brain was numb. It didn’t help that halfway through the second paper, I started losing focus and felt sleepy. And also wanted to do number 2 at one point. (TMI? Sorry!)

ANYWAY, you know what this means, this means I’ve got my life back! My husband has his wife back! and Zayan has his mama back! Cos I’ve kinda gone AWOL, even though I’m in the house. And also have been spending more time revising in library and with Michelle, fellow exam hater.

I wish I studied more and I wish I studied earlier. But noooo, come the last week barutah kan stress banar banar and panicking. However, studying aint like how it used to be. Difficult to study a few hours at a time and crack on…nuh uh. Not with a 9 month old, alternating between creating havoc and wanting my attention. (He actually comes up to me and pulls down the laptop or attempt to shred my book apart. Sigh!)

Now I think…I can blog again! And watch TV (without feeling guilty)! And bake! And meet up with my friends! And and play with Zayan without any time limit!

I was talking to Michelle about this after the exam and she said she’s giving herself 6 weeks to find a man (we wanna get her a man, to you know, complete her life). And I asked why 6 weeks. She said – 6 weeks till results come out and she finds out she fails and she has to go back to studying again. Sigh, thats how I feel right now too!


There is something more exciting that’s happening at the mo.

My parents are here! And my sis in law and kids! And in a week’s time InsyaAllah, Big Bro 2 and family. Ahhh! SO excited! It’s been two years I think since we all are together as a family, and yes, I think the two years was when M and I got married.

Lotsa love,


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