Updates y’all

Ok, so I know I haven’t blogged since forevah. But I have a legitimate reason really! Currently there’s two things that have taken up my time…ok three things: Zayan, work and studying for exams *cue booing for exam revision*

It’s 14 days to my exam part 2 (out of 3). Eeeks!! I have heard many drs failing part 2 and having to do it a few times (and paying GBP 300 + each time!) but I am DETERMINED to pass it in one go. Mostly cos I dont wanna pay it more than once and also it’s so difficult to revise with a lil baby, especially a little attention-seeking, mobilising, terror-inducing baby! So if I’m gonna sacrifice some sleep and baby time, I’d rather do it this once thank you until my next exam.

Aside from that, here’s what’s been going on:

*warning this will be mostly a Zayan update*

1. Zayan is now 8 and 3/4 months old. He has just started wearing his 6-9 months old clothes last month. I am not complaining cos he still has clothes people have given as gifts, waiting to be worn. I like. Means I dont have to buy him clothes as often #mamakarit

2. He is now crawling like a pro – especially towards the kitchen and opened baby gate (mcm tau saja when someone’s opening it for that brief moment). He has also decided that when he wakes up, he will immediately lunge himself to the bedside table. Even if his Ayah is in the way. He has started coasting a month ago and his main motivation is the remote control or iphone on the opposite side of the table.

3. He is itching to walk me thinks. He now tries to stand up without any support for a few seconds and looks so proud of himself when he is able to balance himself in those short few seconds. I can’t make eye contact with him though because if I do, he flaps his hands excitedly and then lose his balance. Silly baby!

4. It’s becoming difficult to put clothes on him as he CAN.NOT. lie still. Sometimes singing to him works (enthralled by my voice of course). Sometimes a toy is enough of a distraction. If he has his way, he would like to be naked like on the day he was born.

5. I’m trying to get him to say some words (Tiger mum much?) and repeatedly going ‘Mama mama mama!’ to him. Whenever I do this, he just smiles at me. Essh! His childminder, Aita, is teaching him to say Allah. That is better of course! hehe. Currently he ‘just’ babbles and goes TATATATA. Let’s just say, if there is silence, SOMETHING is going on. Ie he is up to no good/picked up something he can’t eat.

6. His childminder is great Alhamdulillah. He is usually with her three times a week for 10 hours. The first few times, he would cry whenever I drop him off and looks puzzled at me when I pick him up at the end of the day. On the 6th day, Aita picks him up from the car seat as usual and -cue pause breath- he didn’t cry! And the next day, he didnt cry either. This isnt a fluke!! I am waiting for the day when he flaps excitedly when he sees her. (Now he just looks bangang when he sees her and doesnt mind if she picks him up)

The best thing of this whole childminding business is that he is not so clingy and stranger-anxious anymore! YAY! Dulu sikit2 nangis with new environment and new people. Inda dapat kana pigang by anyone else, not even his Ayah sometimes.

In fact he seems to be having more of a social life than we do. Aita brought him around to TWO Eid parties in her neighbourhood awhile back and today she texted me saying that they’re (zayan, other kids and her) going to some waterfront museum to look at dinosaurs.

InsyaAllah even at his young age, he gets exposed to new things and absorb beneficial stuff and somehow learn from it! Amin.

7. Oh in the language department, I’m starting to talk more in malay to him. Usually I’d talk to him in malay when it’s just the two of us. Antah i guess I felt rude talking in Malay around M (and his sisters) as they don’t understand but M and I have agreed that I should speak more Malay and biar ia kebiasahan mendangar and like osmosis, speak it.

(And then he’ll be like Nina the bilingual Japanese girl and can fluently speak both languages. And whilst we’re at it, ajarkan tia Bahasa Arab and Mandarin – my father in law can teach Arabic and my sis in law Jian teach Mandarin. #tigermumberabis)

Ok sudah tah. I should study.

Love me

ps. In case any of you dont get my ‘Tiger mum’ reference, this is in reference to the book Tiger Mum about this Chinese mother who brought up her children in the US of A. She is an overachiever for her kids and like the stereotypical Oriental parent, expects and demands the best from her daughters in term of school performance and their musical instrument performance. A good read, I must say.

pps. I should write about our Olympics experience too. Miss it! But now there’s the paralympic which is so inspiring to watch! *like a sloth on the sofa watching the sports*

ppps. M is back! I should pretend to get back to studying!


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2 responses to “Updates y’all

  1. fadlina

    All the best for your exam! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Fad! A lil belated but selamat hari raya πŸ™‚

      ps. Takziah to Amin and your in laws 😦 Felt touched with Amin’s post, what can one say about recovering from grief except for that prayers are sent to Allahyarham JJ and prayers of strength for the family.

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