Eid Mubarak from Leicester!

M was working first day of Raya and I was bit sad but after all the events in beginning of Ramadan, with the tragic helicopter crash and instilled ‘be grateful with what I have’ mentality, I try to not complain much about it.

Why be sad when I have my husband and baby at the end of the day? Why complain when I have a roof over my head unlike my fellow brothers and sisters around the world? Why think too much about all the kuih and rendang and whatevers open house I’m missing when really I have all the sustenance given to me by Allah?

Also my brothers came over and helped!! And Zayan and I went over to the hospital and had lunch with M at the drs mess.

See below for pics!






To those I have wronged,
to those yang I didnt bayar abis hutang,
to those I never returned their stuff,
to those yang termakan terminum their food,
to my readers who I might have offended,
please forgive me. May we all be continously blessed and protected, and may there be Allah’s light in our lives to help us in our stumbles, Amin.

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