Bayyinah podcast, a must listen!

So it’s 24th ramadan today (or is it 23rd?). Anyway how time flies. Pejam celik pejam celik,kan berlalu tia sudah ramadan.

Each year I say ‘sighh I wish I did more this month’, blaming it on work and err work. This year, I really didnt want to have much regret.

Now I cant say I’ve given it my all but I’m determined for the next week (in last 10 days) to up my game, so to speak. My nights are a constant struggle of putting Zayan to bed and stay in bed (he keeps waking up!), so I find it exhausting at the end of the night to do anything else. esp if its a work night.

Now before Ramadan started, I aimed to read at least a few juz of Quran – I think it is unrealistic for me to finish the whole Kitab, hence the more realistic goal of at least 3 juz. But I was getting nowhere by mid of the month. So I thought since I spend at least 2 hours in the car during work days, lets start using the time effectively.

Enter itunes podcast….. or more specifically Bayyinah podcast. Now if you havent noticed already, I am a fan of Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures, he’s a Canadian ( i think) Pakistani daie. From youtube, I knew he has done some lectures on tafseer Quran and after some quick searches, found a LOT of his lectures under Bayyinah podcast! *nerdy glee*

I have started listening to him explaining the translation of Surah Al Baqarah and love it! Theres a few things I dont understand from the surah and he explains it so well. And he explains the words used too and I begin to understand and menghayati even more what Allah is telling us.

For eg, the word ‘sabirun, I’ve always thought just means to be patient or people who are patient. But here it also means people who persevere and commit. So we can’t just be patient sometimes but all the time continue persevering and commiting to our faith.

And the word ‘muflihun’ – from the quranic translation, it says ‘those who suceeds’ (in attaining Allah’s rewards). But the word muflihun comes from the word ‘falh’ – which means plough. So like a farmer who ploughs and sows his seeds and eventually has his fruits of labor, thats what Allah tells us – to plough and work hard and insyaAllah we will gain the fruits of our labor (=suceed).

Btw this is all the summary I take from listening to his lectures and true learners of the Quran may think poorly of lack of details/not entirely correct in my summary. tapi InsyaAllah it is correct. And I hope it is not interpreted as me trying to boast or menunjuk2 but to motivate us all to learn and read more on tafseer Qur’an.

Anyway this is an unshamedly advert of his podcasts. Each podcast is quite short, at most 15ish mins. Its so easy to download. I can do it whilst driving (just click and downloaded in a few secs). So once a day, listening to it insyaAllah will broaden our knowledge!

Love me

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