Top tip for Ramadan

Do What You Love to Do in Ramadan:

There are so many good deeds that you can do. Some people love to feed the poor and cook food and give to others. Others invite a lot of people to their house or take food to the masjid. Other people love to read the Qur’an a lot and dedicate more time. Other people love to do salah and qiyam’l-layl. Some people love spending more time in the masjid and others love to spend more time in seclusion. Some people push themselves so hard in what is not what they enjoy in acts of ibaadat and may force themselves to read the Qur’an more and are too exhausted to do adkhaar or tarawih, and this is not a smart plan. Do what you really love to do. Choose and select the good deeds you enjoy doing and increase them more and more. Make your plan around these deeds that you love and enjoy doing. The Prophet (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) recommended us to achieve that which is little but continuous. Many people love to start Ramadan with as many good deeds as they can, which may be too much. Take it easy and start with what you enjoy. As you build momentum, add more. The whole point is to be proactive, so start your plan and choose the good deeds you enjoy and start working on it.

Taken from Muslims Matters website ’10 points for excelling in Ramadan’ by Yaser Birjas.’

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