To my dearest Ona

How do I put pen to paper and articulate all the thoughts and emotions running through me in the last few days?

My dearest Ona,

Takziah, condolonces, so sorry for your loss…all these are words that cannot even begin to describe how much we feel for you and your family right now. The pain that we feel, the sadness… is not even close to what you must be experiencing.

He is your husband, your other half, your love. Your time with him is relatively short but I hope one day, when the pain is no longer so raw, that you can look back with contentment and peace of your time with him.

As for now, hang in there my love. We , your friends, are here for you. If not physically but in spirit. Constantly. Thinking of you. Though little, I hope we can bring you some comfort in this tough time.

You’re a great mama to adorable Alya and I know you will find that strength for her.

Don’t we wish for a manual on how to go on. You ask us how and we don’t know either, hun. As humans , lumrah alam, we think losing your other half will happen in decades to come, when we’renold and grey, not now. How are we ready for this? But at times like this, Na, know that when you remember Allah, He will remember you, He is as close to you as your jugular vein. When nights are hard to sleep in and mornings are difficult to wake up to, when you feel so lonely and you miss him too much, hang on to Him.

I love you, my dearest friend.

Al fatihah for Pg Arif Iskandar Pg Hj Shahbuddin and all other victims of the recent helicopter crash. Prayers for their family and loved ones, semoga diberi kekuatan dan kesabaran. Amin.

As for the rest of us, semoga sentiasa diberi peringatan of our lives in Hereafter and to constantly strive for Jannah. Ramadan is here, lets make the most out of it!

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