Spiritual balance

Ok so I talked about juggling work and being a wife and a mom but what about my most important role in life? As Allah’s Abd.

I hold my hands up and admit that I’ve been laxing and lacking in the ‘ibadah’ department. I thought – hey I’m a new mum, I’m tired 24/7, as long as I can do my minimum, its hokay right?

Well no, not really fiz. I slap myself when I remember all the times I strive to do things for my husband, work extra time at work, do things to please Zayan. And yet for the One Almighty, I do my minimum?

I feel thankful cos I have sisters, ya ukhtis, out there who remind me to strive to be a better muslim. Who encourages and who pokes ever so gently to do more good. Alhamdulillah. May you all be rewarded for your efforts, Amin.

I haven’t read the quran consistently for ages. It’s ramadan soon. Every ramadan, I say I’ll finish reading the quran but I never do. So I thought if I’ll start now, maybe just maybe I’ll finish it this time (or at least make a good dent!).

Another random thought: Inspired by an idea by some app that I dont remember the name off, I’m gonna post up pics of my meals everyday for a week. Maybe then I can objectively gauge how healthy (or unhealthy) I’ve been eating. It can also show how often I miss breakfast (tsk! naughty I know!).

Love me

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