My meals in a week: Day 1

Ok this was supposed to be yesterday’s post but didnt get round to do it.

Toast with omelette and salmon


All are leftovers. Filled me up until 3pm, where I had a v v late lunch.

Went over to my friend’s house (free lunch!). And ate nasi tomato with ayam masak tomato, some pineapple/cucumber salad (macam jaruk ada jua) and some veg curry-like thing.

Didnt take photo cos I was too hungry and forgot about it.


Leftover feom yesterday’s dinner.

Mincemeat and carrot pie with mashed potatoes and steamed beans.

Healthy cos

1. I only used less than one tablespoon of oil for the pie and about 25g of butter for mashed potatoes.
2. Protein, check. Vegs, check. Carbs (oh yes!), check.
3. 2 out of 5 vegs in.
4. steamed beans!

We have just discovered the use of our steamer tray that attaches to the rice cooker. Amazing! And so healthy!


Used ready made shortcrust pastry (what a lifesaver!). Whilst making your own pastry is satisfying, this saved me plenty of time!

Anywayyyy I forgot to take pics because I ate quickly in the fear that zayan might wake up again.

I did take a picture of his breakfast today (and yesterday’s):

Oat with apple (steamed!) and strawberry


I realise I dont know how to make oats! First try a few weeks ago, I ate it plain with milk and it tasted weird until mumtathil pointed out that I have to boil it first (or put in microwave).

Then yesterday I put it in the microwave without the milk (I didnt read the instructions properly!) and left the microwave and kitchen smelling of burnt oats.

Its ok, third time lucky! As seen in pic above! I realise I dont like oats, I need to sweeten it somehow. But zayan loves it plain with the apples and strawberry.

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