Moments that pass you by

Just a post of updates:

1. Just sat the ‘Life in the Uk’ test, in which I can apply for settlement visa if I pass this.

The last time I went back to the homeland, there were direct comments or insinuations about me living here. A lot of people seem to think that because I’m working here, it means (1) I do not want to go back home and work and (2) I have escaped from ‘the system’.

This irks me as it’s the opposite of my purpose here! I’m training to be a paediatrician because theres limited training in Bru to do paeds (must go elsewhere for registrar training onwards). Didja know the no of paeds consultants(aka specialists) in Bru dapat dihitung pakai 2 tangan? Yes, this makes me gulp hard cos thats a lot of responsibilities to handle once I join the crew back home. And as my old boss used to say – ‘you gotta be a really good paeds dr then!’

Anyway let me spell it out here – I am still in the system, the govt KNOWS and ACKNOWLEDGES and SUPPORT my training here and insyaAllah I’ll work in Bru one day helping my people.

Dunno why I’m suddenly becoming emo on this. I guess cos I wish that I could go home but with all my circumstances, its just better to finish training here.

(2) Before going to the test, I couldnt find a place to park. So I had to park at my hospital. It so happened that the test centre is near my hospital. But I didnt get to pay at the car park. So now I’m worried I’m gonna get a fine.

(3) Zayan can now crawl alhamdulillah! It is both fun and exasperating. Fun to watch esp when he crawls rather excitedly to our waiting hands. But also means I need eyes at the back of my head.

As expected, he goes for things he cannot have: the playstation, our laptops, remote controls, any wires and weirdly the ironing board (when its folded up). Oh zayan! Will you be one of those hyperactive, inda pandai teranah boys?? I can already envision myself running after him when out and about. (M says we should invest in a toddler collar thingy but I have my reservations- macam a dog! That said, Zayan reminds me of a puppy – excitable, inda teranah, crawls around our laps, flaps a lot and squeals rather loudly).

(4) We are planning a long weekend getaway this wknd. Maybe edinburgh? Maybe Eden project in Cornwall? It prob will be the latter. Need to book accomodation tho! eek! last min banar.

(5) Rowed a boat last weekend. Zayan was looking whelmed the first half of the boat ride and then started crying and only stopped when I took off his life jacket. I know I know shhhh.

Whee results out-i passed!


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2 responses to “Moments that pass you by

  1. FR

    Yay… so no visa required then? did you have to study for your test?

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