Working mum

Oh wow has it been 10 days since I’ve last posted?

Can you blame me though…work is tiring me out and I’m working half the week as it is! Have been on nights last week and this week starting oncall. Yesterday we were understaffed (ir I was the only junior dr/ward donkey/admissions dr) and there were patients queuing to be seen non stop the whole day. I had help intermittently which took some burden off me but by the end of the day (an hr after I’m supposed to go home), I was ready to throw in the towel.

When it’s so manic and you cant find notes or the computer system’s too slow or the printer’s not working…its just so exasperating. I feel like a headless chicken, not getting anywhere!

Anyway Deep breath out, inhale!

Gtg… going oncall in 1 hr and I’m not even ready. Sigh.

Bye bye Zayan. I’ll miss you!

Love me

ps missing M too as he’s been oncall this week. Sigh!

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