Wedding night out

Attended a friend’s wedding, Briony and Kunal, yesterday. It was the first time in a verryyy looongggg time I went back home late – rock and roll me! Briony’s my work mate for the last two years and have grown as ‘paeds trainees’ together. Kunal was in my batch in med school and whilst I knew of his existence back in med school, it wasnt only until we worked together in paeds that I knew him better (he did one rotation with us – the lovebirds ended up working together for a few months! Lucky or not depending on what your views are on couples working together). *

They’re both nice people and as nice people go, I feel happy when they end up marrying each other! It’s also an interracial couple – double thumbs up!

I went with the paeds team – all bit crazy outside the gates of the hospital wards. M was working (boo!) and I knew Zayan would just cry with his stranger anxiety-ness.

It was nice going out and leaving my momma’s duties for a few hours, though I felt guilty leaving zayan with my sis in law (he can be a handful and effective energy-drainer).

Now my wedding knowledge is limited to the TV show Four weddings*, so I wasnt sure what will be happening for the evening reception. (Long story short, I was invited for the church ceremony and lunch afterwards but we ended up just going to the evening bit.)

The evening bit was more of a party – cutting cake, lotsa celtic dancing forced upon the celtic and non-celtic guests (was fun), having mini buffet. We also spent a long time hovering around the chocolate fountain – oooh I wish I had chocolate fountain for my wedding. It was chocoyummy, though it might be my hunger doing the talking.

I was trying to find a place to pray and a lil bit of me thought – ehh sembahyang qadha saja kalau payah. But then I remember my father in law telling his own experience of trying to find a place to pray at a hotel wedding. There were a few of them who ambil wudhu and found an empty corner to pray. Except for one – one decided that he’ll pray at home cos he felt it was too awkward.

He said that we have been taught and conditioned to pray a certain way – pakai telekung, mesti ada sejadah, etc that we forget that at the end of the day, asal tempat bersih and tutup aurat, insyaAllah akan diterima our solat.

I’ve only learnt to ‘de-condition’ myself from my Msian friends. During our travels, we’ve prayed on empty alleways, patch of field, changing rooms, even sidestreet once cos we couldnt find anywhere else to pray. And it’s liberating to let go of this ‘awkwardness’ and rasa galat. It turns out, people are willing to help you find an empty room/space if you let them know your intentions.

Now yesterday at the very posh hotel cum spa, I was trying to figure out where best to pray. And because a lot of the place is occupied by the wedding party, I couldnt find a suitable place. In the end, I thought I’d rather please Allah and displease everyone else than the other way round. So seeing Briony sitting alone, having a quick break in front of the mini buffet, I asked whether theres any rooms I can use and sweet Briony got her sister to find me a room theyve booked for the night. Alhamdulillah.

I’m telling this story not to boast or ria (riya?) but semoga menjadi inspiration to decondition ourselves dalam bab sembahyang. Allah has made our religion easy – no need to menyusahkan diri sendiri.

Ohhh one other thing – Kunal was at the dance floor with his old time uni friend and you can see them just letting go, dancing away, and I thought – there’s something precious about your relationship with your best friend from uni. You both have grown together in that early 20s stage and now moving on to other things – jobs, marriage, children in the future. But when you’re together, it’s just like the good old times.

That’s it from me folks!

Love me





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