Strawberry-orange soup

I have moments where I love soups. Especially during the cold wintry days. Or when I’m sick (mama likes to make me sup ayam nyum nyum masa damam).

NY times put up recipes of different kinda soups, soups I haven’t heard before! Intrigued as I thought I could use the fruits/vegs and puree/mash it for zayan. Funny how feeding zayan makes ME eat healthier and open up my ‘food comfort zone’. Like how I’ve never eaten peaches and kiwi before but am now serving it to zayan – and consequently eating the leftovers. (Actually we haven’t really given kiwi to zayan – just let him lick it a few times)

Anyway, here’s the link to strawberry-orange soup. Strawberry-orange goodnessAnd may I say, it was fruitoscumpulicious! I don’t like yoghurt, and used creme fraiche instead. And reduced the amount of mint. But the whole combo of strawberry, oranges, mint, lemon and chilli… who knew they work well together!

On a different note, its Fridayyyyyy. Fridays only mean something to people who work in the weekdays, hence its significance to me now.

And this has been in my mind – for the last hour. I was thinking of how superstitious Bruneians are and I can’t refute all of what they say. I mean, what do I know, whenever kanak2 menangis or something ‘odd’ happens at a place, there could be jin that is present and disturbing people. But what I’m thinking is – they always ask someone else to ‘baca-baca’ for them. My thinking is surely if we want protection or blessing or diminta kana jauhi apa2 yang buruk, we should ask for it ourselves from Allah. And not get a middleman to baca2kan for us to ask for it. I mean, yes, they are most likely well versed and well knowledge religiously than the rest of us but Tuhan will accept anyone’s dua kan? And bukankah Islam is all about removing all the religious hierarchy and go straight to Allah tarus without anyone’s help? Especially for example when a kid banyak nangis and kana cakap aga to someone else yang pandai baca2i – aren’t dua parents lagi makbul?

I can see if people say urang yang panda baca2i can also ‘talk’ to jin and tell them to go away/leave us alone. But if it’s purely to minta baca2i, then it’s not who reads the quran and what exactly we read to the jin that will make it go away right? It will be Allah swt yang berkuasa untuk menjauhkan segala yang buruk if He so wills it. So shouldn’t we directly ask Allah instead? We can read quran ourselves and berzikir ourselves to make our homes/workplace more ‘favourable’.

Again these are just my thoughts. Please educate me if I’m wrong.

Random I know.

Love, me

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