Work again

Just letting you all know that I’m still alive.

And I’ve started work.

And I’m just so, so tired.

Zayan is still snuffly, and yesterday had diarrhoea. He didn’t sleep well last night, so I went to work feeling like I just finished a night shift at 17 Watkin road (our flat). Let’s just say, I was in a bad mood for the first 2 hours of work.

Everyday I go back 1 hour later than my scheduled time (but of course) and it takes me 1 hour to commute. So I repeat, I’m just so, so tired.

But y’know, the best feeling is holding him in my arms and putting him to sleep. And as he snuggle in my arms and laid his head on my chest, it all feels right again.

I wonder though…. when he grows up, will Zayan understand that his mama has to take care/deal other babies first before coming home to him?

I love you baby boy, always and always. My time at work is a race to come home to you.

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