Jet lag

I’m surprised I still have readers/viewers. I imagine you all are clicking there, waiting the page to upload only to discover that I havent updated yet for daaaysss (a week now?) and you close the screen to click to yet another blog (or whatever website you’re addicted to. Reddit? 9gag?).

*only saying above cos thats what ill do* And then annoyed lagitu if the blogger alum update haha* (homaigod sounds sad)

So anyway this is just a quick update. Back in England, where its sunny for 3 days in a row now #unbelievable! Depressed to be back as I think of all the people I didnt get to meet or say goodbye, for all the minutes and hours I wish I have and for not being more present when being around people I love. And also looking enviously at people’s photos and wishing I’ve tried them out.

Also coming back means starting work soon – 2 more days! Excited but more nervous and scared! I cant talk medic nymore!

Nervous Of how baby will be. And also thinking i hope I get to pump at some point during work #fearofmastitis

Should sleep. Zayan is jet lagged (kicking and flapping and generally being verbally excited at 2 am local time, 9am brunei time) and thats why m awake. Except he’s gone to sleep now and i feel wide awake.

Sekian terima kasih.

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