Zayan’s firsts….

I know I know, havent blogged for awhile. We’re still on holiday. Currently in KL, visiting my friend Nazimah and her family (she’s got a cute lively lil girl who’s 1 yrs old now).

So many milestones reached by Zayan in the last 2 weeks.

He finally rolled over about 2 weeks ago and now he can’t stop rolling. In a way, he’s happier having more ‘mobility’ and freedom but I think he also gets frustrated …this boy seems like he cant wait to start walking and crawling! He can actually get to certain length of distances just by rolling and using his head to push himself forward. Time to baby-proof the apartment when we get back!

Also must get the cot and bed more baby proof!

In terms of feeding, he’s also started on pureed/mashed food now. I was planning to start weaning him this month before I start work in June. But he himself couldn’t wait. He was crying more despite 2 hourly feeds and just generally being fussy. First we thought he might be jet lagged or bothered about the weather (he sleeps with AC and fan on), and my parents/aunties kept going on about him being hungry.

I was getting frustrated as my milk supply felt less than in UK. Perhaps it was the stress and tiredness of tending to him on my own (M wasnt back in Bru yet and he didnt want anyone but me), perhaps I felt dehydrated, perhaps it was people stressing me out telling me my milk may not be enough.

In the end, I succumbed to pressures of the elders and gave him formula feed as top up. The first time I gave it to him, he slept through the night. The second night, I didnt give it to him (despite his cries) but he woke up at 3 am screaming. Maybe he is hungry. Now that we’re starting on food on him, he is much happier and less fussy and does not require formula except as top up feed once at night before sleep.

To be honest, I felt quite sad starting him on formula feed. On one hand, I didnt want to deprive my baby but on the other hand, I wasn’t ready either to not be exclusively breastfeeding. At one point, I was mourning over the potential redundancy of my breasts, especially since there were a few times he was given full formula feed without my knowledge (the plan was to give him only top up feeds when desperate).

Anyway thats a sad point on our trip. Otherwise Zayan is finally settling in, getting better with strangers around and sleeping better too (much better than in UK).

Till then adieu….

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