A big appetite

For a small kiddo (he’s in the 0.4th centile in growth chart), Zayan loves his food. I initially wanted to start him on one meal a day and progressing slowly to two and then three meals a day.

But zayan has other plans.He is definitely ticking the boxes on ‘signs to start weaning’ : interested in food around him, interested in people eating, crying despite full and regular breastfeeds.

He is now, after 1 week of weaning, having 3 meals a day AND 2-3 hourly breastfeeds. This is what he’s eaten so far:

Bubur nasi (rice porridge)
Mashed sweet potato
Mashed pumpkin
Pureed rice with carrots, broccoli and chicken (Shared from Soffiyah – Zimah’s baby – food supply)
Squeezed orange
Mashed banana
Fruits including orange, watermelon, kiwi, banana, strawberry, lemon. (yes lemon, he didnt find it sour…he kept devouring on it)

I have to stop M from just giving him ANYTHING. Zayan would put anything in his mouth now!

Anyhoo, it’s quite fun this new stage. Messy but fun! (M has to stop being OCD with the messiness) Hope he has his ayah’s varied palate and not my fussy one!

Love me

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