Grandparents, in loving memory

Yesterday morning, in my half awake half zombie state, I thought of what Zayan and I should do that day. I thought ‘ehh Nini, balum jumpa zayan ah!’, thinking I should go next door and
visit her. Half a second later, I remembered that she was long gone and next door wasnt hers anymore.

I dont mean this to be a sad post. I posted that on my fb status and all the comments came from her cucu2. I would like that for Zayan….. I want him to have close loving relationships with all his grandparents. Relationships between grandparents and grandkids are special in its own way. They are wise, they can be scary, they are loving, they can be brutally honest.

I want zayan to love his dada, nanny, nini boy and nini girl as much as we cousins do and hold them close to our hearts, even when they’re long gone. And if they leave this world sooner than us, he will always pray for them insyaAllah.

Love you nini, I wish you could hold him just as you once held and took care of all of us.

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