I love flowers

I love flowers.


Even though I’m not great with decorating my house, I’d always make sure there’s fresh flowers!


….well, kinda. Sometimes thw flowers will sit there looking pretty and eventually die. And it would still be there 1 week later cos I’m too lazy to dispose them.


When we go back to Brnei insyaAllah, I’d like to carry on buying flowers.




Roses are overrated. Roses are like high maintenance women – they’re expensive to buy (errrr not that you can buy women but buy for them) and theyre prickly and full of thorns! (ie caution when handling) ….. M says I’m
high maintenance, I dont think I am COMPARATIVELY.


The point is carnations and gerbera daisies are much better, cheaper, lasts longer and makes you happier when you look at them (cos they exude prettiness and sunniness).

Alhamdulillah, “Then which of the favours of our Lord will we deny?” (surah Ar Rahman)

Love me

ps. Orchids are surprisingly low
maintenance too. We water ours once a week and is growing great (sampai we have to change it to a bigger vase) for the last one year, Alhamdulillah.

pps my 1 yr old nephew once dengan penuh selambanya cabut and pulak
all the orchid flowers a few mths ago! But it grew back not long after yay (from another branch). Need to child
proof the flowers!

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