Swim for your life

This is a bit overdue but here we go before it gets totally bangas.

Zayan went for his first swimming session. It sounds formal but it isnt really. I’ve been looking ie googling for baby swimming places but unfortunately most of them are lessons. And because we’re (a) cheapskates ad (b) highly likely to keep missing lessons – cos we’re like that – I opted for casual swimming sessions for parents and babies.

And wadaya know… the leisure centre five minutes from ours offer it twice a week. *hooray!*

So with full excitement we went. Partly because zayan is of course too small to appreciate wherever we bring him – like the safari park last month (went with my bro’s family who were visiting). or most likely to be sleeping (when we went to birm for CNY). now here is an activity that will awaken his senses, make him get used to swimming *wahh imagine if he becomes professional swimmer ~~ ohh my tiger mother coming alive* and he’ll be forced to be awake.

Life brings much irony of course as he slept ON THE WAY to the pool without much trouble (he normally cries in the car in the beginning before falling asleep). And its not like its a long journey. It was 5 min tops!

So we waited for half an hour before getting him out. How did it go you ask?


Haha! Self explanatory pic. I reckon he’s not used to it yet hence the reaction. He was ok being in the water and was looking around (checkin out the other babies) as long as we stay close to him. I’m undeterred – I’m gonna go every week and get him used to it! (He’s like this with all new things) He hated his baths in the beginning, screaming like no tomorrow but now he loves it and is a way to stop him from being cranky.


Here feeling sorry for himself.

We’re currently residing at a cottage called Swallow Cottage, in a tiny cillage called Pilhough in Peak district. Spending the weekend here with Lutfi and Azimah. We’ve all packed enough food to last us a week (typical bruneians!). But that will require another post of its own, when the adventure is all over.

lotsa love

ps I will accept defeat after several tries in the pool if he looked like he really doesnt enjoy himself.

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