Lessons from another parent


I love this.

Especially the part about given tons of advice. I’ve been told so many times not to ‘manjakan’ zayan. To not pick him up often when he cries to be held. To biarkan saja. Or else he will be conditioned that tears equal I get what I want.

I try to put him down as often and as long possible. There are times I dont – like when I want to enjoy my dinner once in a blue moon without having screams as background music (he always seems to know and act up when we’re eating). Or just when I want just a bit of peace.

Anyway the point is – I’m trying to learn the master of receiving advice without getting defensive/worked up/pressured/disappointed at myself and just accepting it.

My friend reassured me when she said this period – of me carrying him around – wont last long. InsyaAllah he’ll be crawling and walking in no time. And then I’ll need more energy to chase him around!

There I go ranting. The other thing I agree most with the article is how much happiness he makes us. He’s starting to laugh more and really, there is no sweeter sound than your baby laughing. We’ve videoed him laughing a lot and both M and I cant stop watching it. Zayan’s groupies banar.

He’s sleeping longer in his cot too. So at 8 pm yesterday, M and I find ourselves sitting around the living room, him all ready to go to work but still bit early to go. Me, not really knowing what to do. When baby’s asleep in the room, the living room aka our hangout place suddenly feels empty.

I’m just rambling now. Baby aside, I’m finally embracing the domestic goddess (sweet name for housewife) in me. Before this, I was just trying to survive having a baby.

M and I have vowed to try one new vegetable/fruit a week to include in our meals in our effort to be healthy. This week – zucchini/courgette. M said theyre the same, so I just bought courgette.


Introducing Zucchini pancake with smoked salmon and wasabi cream. Sila google the recipe, taken from masterchef au.

Sekian terima kasih.



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4 responses to “Lessons from another parent

  1. S

    I love the video of Zayan laughing yang Mumtathil posted on facebook! hehe bari ketawa jua 🙂 btw, wasabi cream atu kenapa ia inda hijau? ada rasa wasabi kah?

  2. Lyn

    So true!!

    I got so much “advice”, ranging from close family to total strangers on the street/bus/shops.. Alhamdulillah I found my ability to nod & smile.. And then still go back & do my own thing.

    There are billions of ways to parent a child, and only a mother can choose what is best for hers. What works for one may not work for another. I chose to believe in the saying that a young baby cannot be spoilt and rejected the ‘let ur baby cry’ advice; despite my mum’s worries.. hence months & months of carrying humayra everywhere and everytime.. since ia mau tidur di badan saja during the day the 1st 6 months of her life..resulting in neglected housework & perhaps more takeaway meals than deemed acceptable.. and yes, this includes mealtimes, because like zayan, humayra ALWAYS knew when we were about to sit down for a meal. We even tried changing the times of our meals!(didn’t work)

    But it’s true that they grow out of it. Humayra now wriggles out of my arms when I do want to hold her and prefers to be crawling/cruising/climbing all over the place.. I can put her down when she naps. And now that she is older & appears to understand, yes, I let her cry when she does so because I don’t let her play with forks or climb into the dustbin or let her drink my brother’s 7-Up.

    Panjang jua comment ku ani ah. Basically my point is, whatever it is, YOU are the mother to YOUR child. The only piece of advice I followed was the classical ‘Mothers know best’. ;D

    Can’t wait to see you!! Xx

    • Lyn, I know bangs inda terribly your comment. But please know that it has given me great relief and reassurance to read what you wrote! I am yet to accept people’s advice without being too defensive/disappointed with myself. I have a feeling Zayan can’t wait to get up and going jua – so excitable, can’t sit too long! (thats what I hope anyway)

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