Widening my taste buds


I bought a Moroccan recipe book last weekend. Moroccan food is all about tagine and slow cooking and grilled stuff. It basically means you put all the ingredients together and just leave it there to stew/grill/cook. Love it! Minimal effort with maximum result!

Feeling inspired, I made the fish tagine the next day. It was so easy – marinade the fish with some spices and herbs, cut up potatoes, tomatoes and pepper and then add tomatoe puree mixed in with water. Whack it in the oven for 1 hour – Et Voila! Delicious fish tagine!



Zayan’s playdate! Or more like their Mamas catch up session >_< Riaz, my friend Reema's baby boy, is 1 month older and is noticeably bigger than Zayan. Poor baby, he'll be the shortest kid in class. It's ok, I'll instil some
good self image and self esteem and tell him that good things come in small packages. He can be the small fast kid sprinting away in the field, weaving around defenders (hehe imagine tia sudah!), lincah nya urang brunei.


Whilst the babies bonded over some kiddie cbeebies show, we baked these! It was yummmyyyy! I’m not the greatest fan of strawberry especially if you end up buying the tarty, not so sweet ones. The strawberries were tarty to begin with but mixed in with the cupcake, it was divine. And it actually tasted like cheesecake! In a cup! (lol humor me)



Point of the blog: Widen your culinary comfort zone!

Love me

Ps went to the dentist for routine appointment today, so feel bit guilty eating the icing-rich cupcake. I decided to visit the dentist as I have ‘maternity exemption’. Basically during pregnancy and a year afterwards, I have free NHS dental treatment and medicine. How awesome is that????

Note dental treatment vary from where you live. In sussex, you can be charged £60 for a routine clean (my friend said). In london, bit higher! So of courseeeee, I took this opportunity to visit the dentist!

Anyway I spent 20 mins waiting and only 5 mins in the chair!! like whatt thats it??

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