Easter weekend


Back from Ipswich. Even though I love traveling and weekend getaways, nothing beats the feeling of entering your house and wearing your PJs and meeting your bed&sofa once again. Ahh home sweet home.

We spent the easter weekend in Ipswich and went for day trip to Cambridge. Weather was pants, as the brits would say. Cold and grey and wet and miserable. No no, whoever misses UK, remember the horrible weather!

Except for the some sun on Fri and bit on Sat. Still cold though! So cold that I wished I brought my gloves with me!

Anyway anyway anyway cant write much as pretty tired and sleepy. But the highlights of the trip:

1. Watched a movie for the first time in months!!!! We watched Hunger Games…. I like the book better. Things were way better in my head as I imagined it.

2. Lotsa babysitters, leaving me some lie in in the mornings. And a nap in afternoon. And generally just lazying around.

3. Baby laughed more and more! over the randomest things!

4. My father in law’s food – lamb curry nyummmm!

5. Day trip to cambridge – was a lovely day out with my two favourite boys.


….. Actually this was one of the many takes. Zayan actually just woke up and since starving (last fed 4 hours ago), he wasnt a happy boy. This is how he actually was…



Ok gnyt y’all,

much love,

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