One up for breastfeeding!

My new sewing project – nursing cover! Before this, I used pashmina or blankets whenever we were out. But unreliable cover no more!


Seeing that the retail price for a similar cover is £26, I’m quite happy with my creation. Take that, mass market producers!

I made it according to my size, almost half the size of the ‘typical’ nursing cover. I’m having sooo much fun looking and choosing kain from the haberdashery section. Funky designs, soft pastel colours, cath kidston inspired…*salivates*

Note I made the adjustable collar and there’s a bent section at top where you can peek at your bebe.



Anyway, I’m thinking of doing more of these and selling them. What do you think? Will you buy them? How much would you pay for it – BND$15?20?

Till then,
me x

Ps It’s supposed to take up to 1 hour to make but in between feeding, changing, putting baby to sleep and all around house chores, it took me 4 hours :s

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