April already!

I’d like to continue my post on ‘what did you learn in school?’ but I have lost my train of thoughts on that one (how passionate was I thinking of points on that post when I was in the shower) and it requires more brain power than I can spurn out at the moment.

So this will just be an update post:

1. We will be going back in May instead. A lil part of me still wishes we’ll go back in April but siggghhh, cannot. I’m missing out on my best friend’s nikah sedihhhhh.

Cannot think of that much…moving on…

2. I have started studying for my Paediatric Part 2 exam. People get confused when I tell them I’m still ‘in training’ and ‘doing exams’ because they think you either study formally in a university/college/course or you work. Ladies and gentleman, for the doctors of today, we have to do both. This means working as per normal but also doing exams from time to time. Every year, here in the UK anyway, we have assessments which are more clinical-based (e.g. you are seen doing a clinical procedure and your senior assesses you on it). But everyday, theoretically anyway, you are learning new things either by osmosis or you actually read up on stuff. Most normal drs just read up stuff when it’s close to their exam or they have to present a case once in a blue moon. The Big Bosses aka consultants make it seem like they’re constantly reading up new journals/research articles and you end up looking stupid cos you haven’t read it yet.

In summary, medicine is a constant learning process to keep up with the times.

This is also why I won’t encourage my children to be medics cos it becomes your life. You are married to your job, like it or not.

3. In keeping with studying (by this I mean, trying to read whilst baby grabs my attention), I attended the first paediatric tutorial today in one of the hospitals nearby. It was refreshing to use my brain and joke about stuff only paeds people find funny. (I’ll spare you the jokes)

4. Zayan is getting stronger with being on his tummy and can now do half-way to rolling. I was wondering when he’d start rolling over as he’s nearly 4 months now — Tiger Mother much? — and now he has proven to me that he’s nearly there. He would for example try to reach out for something on his right side by turning his whole body to it and then when he’s half way to rolling, he’d go back to lying position. ….And then forget about it! Sighhh. Short attention span jua, like his Mama.

5. We’re going to Ipswich for a four day weekend visiting the inlaws. Lotsa babysitters yeay!! Hoping to leave baby one afternoon to watch Hunger Games. Will we, won’t we? That is the question. I will update you if we ever manage to execute this plan.

6. I’ve finished reading Book 1 and 2 of Hunger Games in 3 days. I also finished reading ‘Battle Hymn of Tiger Mother’ – which is another post of its own.

7. I have a new sewing project but requires Zayan to be asleep, so I can concentrate properly. My deadline to finish is this Friday (before we go to Ipswich). Apparently it’s so easy to make and takes less than an hour to finish. Of course, as we all know, having a baby means things get done a hundred times slower than normal. What is it I’m sewing? I’ll post it once I’m successful in making it >_<

Sekian Terima Kasih.

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