Being Married

What does being married mean? Besides everything being ahem halal.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, Being Married (its in caps lock cos thats how awesome it is) means…

1. waking up with someone everyday (unless partner is on nights)

2. this means i have an alarm clock. If I wake up late, M is to blame. This is pre baby – now baby is my unforgiving, less merciful, no snooze button alarm clock.

3. someone else can cook when I’m tired/busy/lazy.

4. You get to show them the REAL you … and then you forever feel grateful that your other half still wants to be with you.

Eg of the real you – showing disgusting habits, being ultra annoying (on purpose or not), bad hair morning, drool on pillow.

5. Knowing each other’s secrets and still not want to run away

6. Trusting each other with the secrets

7. Having secrets/inside jokes of your own

8. Rubbing off a bit of yourself on the other person

I think I’m neater (though not by his standards) and more into geeky stuff (like internet meme) and read/watch the news now.

He now is more chillaxed (read: a bit less OCD) and wears more ‘home’ clothes – he used to wear jeans ALL the time. (unlike me who loves to be in PJs as soon as I can)

9. You know what the other will think and try to pre-empt it. For example, avoiding getting into situations that results in ‘I told you so’ ….. by going ‘ok say it, say it!!!!’ even before the other says anything. (This is usually him cos I’m the annoying one who like to say SEEEEE, KAN, KAN! what did I say/I told youuu/you didn’t listen…..) Or hiding his discoloured white-turned-pink shirt that came out of the wash until the time is right.*

*In my defence, the ahem second time it happened, he was the one who put it in the washing machine. I merely switched the machine on.

10. But I guess, for me, whats different about being married and those just living together (religious benefit aside) is that you decided on your wedding day that a part of you is no longer yours. You have entrusted yourself to your love, laid out for him where you say ‘This is me, take me and i will take you, disgusting habits and annoying remarks and all. Stand by me, good times and bad times.’ And with that, it also means that when the going gets tough, and you could just snap , you hold back your words for you know this will be useless argument in the bigger picture. For your life, your future, would be better without it.

Without you Sayang, I will be like this *foreveralone*

Missing you. Will your night shifts never end?

Love, your wife

Ps. I will finish previous post soon!

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