What did you learn?

Now I hope you guys have done your homework and read that manifesto I gave the link to below. And if you haven’t, it’s ok cos I haven’t finished reading it either hehe.


But it did trigger me to think what DID I learn in school?What things do I wish now to learn that could make me survive better in this big, bad world.


First things first, I acknowledge that a lot of things that schools teach you are non tangible things. Like learning thatone must follow order and routine. That punctuality is important – I have failed this miserably in school* and thus brought this habit as an adult. And there are things you learn by osmosis – just like knowing what sex is for me. Nobody sat me down and told me about the birds and the bees or that babies were brought by the storks and left on our front door. I just knee… somehow. 


There are things though that I question now and even back in school whether I REALLY have to learn it and how it would help me in the real world. Like long divisions and mathematical lessons that I dont even remember their names let alone how to do it now. And yet then I spent houuurssss on it. 


oh gtg

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