There’s a reason why I haven’t been blogging. And I won’t blame baby, I promise. The thing is …. I’ve been sick. And for those who know me, when I’m down with the cold, it’s not ‘just a uhukuhuk sniffles I’m fine two days later’ sick…It drags on and on. And worse, apparently mums can’t be sick!! (Baby is not accepting my MC … pfft, mothers take an off day? no way hose!)

I didn’t realise how difficult it is to take care of a baby when you’re down in health, energy and spirits. I just wanted to sleep off the headache – which drags on despite the regular paracetamol I’m taking – but NO, baby will not have it. He still wants my undivided attention, still wants to be carried around instead of just sitting there and soaking up the world. And perhaps I was coughing too much and feverish more at night, bebe didn’t appreciate it and was fussy at night too. (We co-sleep more now cos I have no energy to put him in his cot and do the whole ‘yes you will sleep in your cot’ battle). All in all, even more interrupted sleep!

Anyway anyway, today I thought I’ll talk about my favourite books since a reader (by that I mean you, Nisa hehehe) commented how she liked me talking about books I’ve read. Feel like I have to pay tribute to some of the good books out there that doesn’t have as much attention as Harry Potter or Twilight.

Here’s some of them:

1. The Kite Runner
“For you, a thousand times over” — My favourite quote from the book, tersentuh hati lerr that quote. The whole odd friendship between the master’s son and his employee’s son, the secrets around them, the redemption. I just loved how it was written, it was absorbing and made me want to read it slow cos I didn’t want the book to end! There is one scene in the book that I couldn’t bear read *sobs* but I guess that’s what a good book does. Make you picture it like you’re there, in the shadows, watching it in horror but not able to look or go away.

2. Girls of Riyadh
Fictional book about four girls that come from the super rich in Saudi Arabia. How true is it? I’m sure there’s an element of truth in it. It’s banned there, no surprise. There’s controversial issues talked in a light manner. Again I love the way it was written. This one is more fun to read, somewhat naughty and cheeky the ‘narrator’. (It’s kinda like Gossip Girl where each chapter starts off with an unknown girl emailing the Saudi public about the inside story of the elitist)

3. Around the world in 80 dates
As it says in the title. Funny. Light read. One to read when you go traveling cos you can pick it up and put it down and also there’s the traveling part of it. The author thinks ‘Maybe it’s not that I haven’t met Mr Right but my Mr Right is NOT RIGHT HERE’.

4. The Northern Lights trilogy
Ohh I love the concept and was so excited when the movie went out! I’m not one who gets excited much over fantasy books but this one is top notch for me. Grabbing and suspense and kinda sad too in the end.

Hehe ok atu saja. I’m hungry. I can go on about this actually. You know what I dream of:

1. Having a ceiling-to-floor book shelves in my house one day, insyaAllah. *drools*
I spend my childhood just picking any books I can see and reading them. My childhood is pretty boring cos my brothers are at least 5 years older –and thats a lot when you’re a kid — so I end up playing on my own, which really resulted in reading. Hmm, for some reason, I don’t remember watching TV much, it wasn’t forbidden but I just didn’t watch TV much.

2. Being a librarian hahahahaha. Geek dream much? My aunt is a librarian in a primary school and I looveeed following her around and just sitting in her library. Also when I was in my tweens, I started lending my books to my neighbour and cousins and charging them! HAHAHA. Perasan mau jadi librarian.

3. Write a book. But I’m actually not good at writing plots. Just feel like everything I write is LAME-O.

4. Own a bookshop with cafe that has amazing cakes. NYUMMMM!!! Book-cake heaven~~~~

Ok udah udah, enough dreaming….Laters y’all.

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