bad news

Bad news. We’re not sure when we’re gonna go back to homeland.

Basically M is starting a new rotation in a new hospital in 2 weeks time, but his rota is (as typically) not out yet – they usually give the rota a few days or a week before you start work. It’s crazy I know cos with the 4 month rotations, you cant plan anything beyond the 4 months. even with our wedding, M gave them a heads up a few months before and yet they STILL put him as oncall on the leave we wanted. #HR/rota management FAIL

But the more complicated thing is that M has to go for interview for his registrar post and they havent annoinced yet when it will be. The website says between 10th april to 22nd may.

And to add to the issue,there is a family wedding here early may. id really love to attend it and wont wanna miss it for the world!

so i can go anytime before june (when i start work) but means M may not join our holiday back *sobs*

i know kami inda pandai separate. and also this was gonna be holiday adventure for us 3! sighhhh.

must sabar. insyallah it will work out kan? Allah is the best planner kan.

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