Letters to note

Letters Of Note

As you may or may not know,I’m a fan of snail mail. Writing is therapeutic and seeing and reading a letter justvmakes my day. Good old letter writing just feels more personal.

Anyway, above link are letters by famous people (scroll down to read marilyn monroe’s letter to her surgeon – love it!) and also just ordinary peopleblike you and me. Letters to husbands, wives, friends….

Makes me want to write a letter now! (and also make M write one to me – its been a loooong while!).

Makes my heart ache a lil bit reading this – sudahtah rindu M , start of night shifts today! i love my wife.My wife is dead

This makes me want to read BFG all over again. Cant wait to read to Zayan and introduce him to a world where he can escape to, a world of adventures and mystery and wherever his imagination brings him to! A dream given to Roald Dahl

Mail me? Please.

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