Facebook Etiquette

What you read next will probably sound like common sense and common courtesy to you but it’s funny how people aka Facebook users don’t seem to know/understand the unspoken rules of FB.


1. Please don’t put up videos or pictures of motorway accidents on FB. Specifically don’t put up gory pictures with injured people in it. It’s insensitive for one thing. And secondly, as people can access FB faster than you can say ‘Face….’, it means the news of fatal/horrible/gory accidents appear on FB first than on official news. How would you like it if you find out the horrible news of your mother/father/sister/brother/loved ones on FB… and even worse by seeing it from an insensitive picture?

2. If you don’t like someone, or are not keen on their manners, tell them in person. If you do not dare to say it in person, then don’t even put it on FB. They say that once words are said, you can never take it back. The consequences of putting words on FB (or on bigger picture, the internet) is even worse. Because even though you can *later* delete it, it will spread amongst many of your ‘friends’ and friends friends and friends friends. It damages relationships, it HAS damaged relationships and it humiliates the other person even more than you can imagine. (Although I suspect that might be the subconscious -or not- intention of the posting.) Basically, if you won’t say it to their face, don’t say it at all. It’s just cowardice…. and bad manners.

3. To my younger friends and cousins, please be careful of what pictures you post. The vain picture of you with little to cover. You will one day regret it.

4. Also to the younger ones in love (by this, I mean those in the teens), please refrain from putting any mushy, in-your-face love confessions. I know right now it feels like you will never love another man (boy!i mean boy!) again and that your love will last to eternity. But just keep it to you and him through text messages. Believe me, you will regret showing your undying love posts to the world one day ….. one day being possibly next month.

……In 10-20 years time, if you’re still happily together, then I give you the right to smugly say ‘I told you so’ to my face.

5. Ditto above to those in love but unrequited. It hurts, I know. But *saying this in the gentlest way possible* it doesn’t look good for you my sweets to post messages of hurt/betrayal/unrequited love.

Basically, all I’m trying to say is that we should respect people’s privacy and be sensitive to what we post. Be sensitive of the pictures we share cos those people in the pictures are PEOPLE, with emotions and feelings and families who might get upset with what we write and post.

There was a picture of a horrible accident and people kept commenting on how stupid the other driver is (who supposedly cause the accident). Perhaps he was being stupid. But perhaps that fatal mistake will haunt him for years to come. We do not need to spell it out for him. And that insensitive picture, it will haunt the families of those who passed away.

Phewh. Finish rant. I can breathe now.

A reminder for me first and foremost.

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