Bumi Brunei Darussalam

Disini aku di lahirkan
Disini aku di besarkan
Tanah air ku, makmur aman
Kurnia dari Tuhan

For some reason, that song was in my head first thing this morning. A bit of belated ‘National Day’ post, but hey better late than never right?

Anyway we have just celebrated our 28th National day 2 days ago. Personally I haven’t done anything per se ‘celebratory’ except for a moment of prayer and thanks to Allah for all that we’ve been bestowed with. Peace, security, wealth, beauty of the country.

As a ‘national day’ post, I thought I’ll reminisce and talk about the old days, for I fear Zayan will never experience them. The old days being the days in Kg Ayer.

My family from both sides are from Kg Ayer (and proud of it), though no one in my close extended family lives there anymore now. As for me, Kg Ayer was the ‘headquarters’ for my mom’s family as my Nini Bini and Tua’s family lived there until the late 90s.

Now let me be honest here. I was a bit of a snob dulu *erks* in the sense (1) I didn’t enjoy going to the toilets – untiled, wet concrete floor with very poor lighting and (2) there were a LOT of cats around and I’m scared of cats. So a lot of the time, I was trying to avoid cats, cat poos (when walking outside) and thinking how I’m going to do my number 1 and 2s.

Now you see, unlike today’s generation of kiddies, we didn’t spend much time in front of TV or playing game. In fact, I don’t remember the TV being on at all. I have only vague recollection of my eldest cousin (about 10 years older than me) watching TV from time to time. What did we do with our spare time?

Firstly, to start of the day, there is the excitement of hearing the bell. The bell signifies the ice cream man or nasi lemak man. Yes ice cream for breakfast, nyum nyum nyum. Weekend/holiday treat slurps. And the nasi lemak…. I’m not sure whether it really is the yummiest nasi lemak ever. But opening the nasi lemak wrap brings much joy in us *heart sings when opening the wrap* Although to be honest, being with a lot of people, with your family, everything is fun…. at that age anyway. Now when there’s too much ruckus, aku yang sakit kepala mendangar and meliat my anak buahs. Oh dear, I’m getting old :s

Then we just play around the house or outside the house really. Hide and seek. Imaginative play *main duktur2 tani* or main kawin2* As long as I’m not the groom, I’m fine. We also like to go to my Tua’s small kadai runcit at the back of the house. It wasn’t big and I can’t for the life of me remember what was being sold really. All I can remember is I took a notebook from there (I’m sure my tea said its ok…….). My cousins used to swim a lot too. I was forbidden by my mama. And only went into the waters once only to realise I can’t swim *bimbo*

The front door was always open. And the windows were yang style lama , with individual rows of glass panes that can go up(open) or down (closed), ala ala madam arah sekulah ugama dulu. With the doors and windows always open, there’s always fresh air coming in. None of these stale air-conditioned air that makes you feel like a sloth. It also means when the weather gets too hot i.e. around lunchtime/early afternoon, it’s nice to just lie around for an afternoon siesta. There’s nothing like the effect of the afternoon heat, fresh air and some comfy pillows to get you to relax to slumberland (though bepaluh afterwards if too hot).

Anyway gotta stop now. Will ramble on more nanti insyaAllah.

As for celebrating the National Day, maybe we should take this time to ponder, reflect and take action….

“Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”

What have I done for my country so far?

Nothing substantial but insyaAllah, one day I can give back.

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