It’s Jumaat day!

Ok so it’s 1 hour to saturday UK time and already saturday across the world (which reminds me I have a skype date tomorrow yay!).

But I think since friday is such a blessed day, so I’ll talk about it now.

I’m not sure about you guys but growing up, my family and I dont make it a habit to pray together. We only pray with the extended family during tahlil functions and the likes.

Introducing my best friend and clinical partner, Z, and her family as well as M and his family, who have grown up praying together, everyday, as a family. So they encouraged this habit between us. I must say, I’m pretty crap at it initially (ok I still can be) as I would want to pray at different times than with M.

But you know, after awhile, I began to crave for it. Crave to pray berjemaah with as many people. There is that feeling of solidarity and brother/sisterhood. We are standing and prostrating together for Our Creator.

When I was at the airport’s prayer room, a guy led the subuh prayer for those of us there (happened to have a few of us in the prayer area). I felt…. well…. You know it is said that our iman strengthens when we are with fellow believers. I thinks that succinctly explains how awesome it is to pray en masse.

Try to pray more often with others around you. You’ll be surprised how it makes you that lil bit closer with them. And more importantly, that much closer with Allah 🙂

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