Total randomness

My parents left today. No tears except from Zayan, who conveniently wanted a nappy change right then during the goodbyes.

House feels empty without my parents 😦 They spent so long here (2.5 mths) and basically put their life on hold to help take care of us. It’s not thag easy m sure for them – what with the winter cold and boredom being stuck at home. I hope I can show them regularly how much I appreciate them (cos u know its easy to forget by being MIA) and that will be able to take care of zayan with the same amount of love and patience. especially when he wont stop crying/screaming

M and I watched the movie ‘The devil’s double’, about Saddam Husain’s eldest son, Uday Husain who apparently has a double walking around Baghdad for him. Wiki him and theres all sorts of mental stories of his brutality. The truth? Wallahualam. But the movie depicted him as someone soo psychotic. I didnt think I want to watch it but intrigued jua. Note: Do not watch it with kids or parents. Above 18+++++

Dominic Cooper, who acted as Uday, is a brilliant actor btw. Sapakan Dominic Cooper ani? Is he the Mamma mia dude? googles

Tadi I wondered with M what we used to do pre-baby. I cant seem to remember what we did with our spare time. Oh wait, now I remember — we didnt have much spare time together as we both have ridiculous shift times. So when we do have spare time, we either sleep or happily chillax or cook or go out.

as for me, m currently bored being at home. and because its winter, going out activities are limited.

Zayan loves the cold tho. He couldnt sleep just now, so I opened the balcony door and within minutes, he zzzzzz-ed aku yang kajar2

So if weather is good tomorrow, we’re going to the park where i’m going to jog and M will be carrying baby in the harness. Excited – in need of some adrenaline and sweat to get out of the winter blues/slumber.

Ohh yesterday we tidied up our closet. By that I mean, I was holding baby and putting him to sleep and M was tidying it whilst I gave him directions (throw, not throw, donate). It struck me how my fashion sense has changed. I wanted to keep this skirt which he didnt like and when I wore it to show how pretty it is, I felt …. too old for it. It was green and white and hawaiian like and falls to my knees (I normally wear seluar underneath). Although I still love it, I just feel like it was my early 20s speaking and I’m not feeling the language anymore. wow revelation This happened with a few of my other clothes too.

I think I, the hoarder queen, was pretty ruthless on getting rid of stuff. M reasoned that I dont even remember anymore I have some of them, proving I dont need it or like it that much. So all the things that was too small or tight or ‘young’ has been cleared away.

I must say it felt good.

Siuk and nyaman jua mata memandang our closet.

I also realise how many plain tops, cardigans, sweaters and jumpers I have – I have one in as many colours you can think of.

Anyway I should sleep before being awaken by my live alarm clock.

Daa ~

love me

ps. Clutter and unnecessary items can cause mental clutter too. Free yourself from them 🙂

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