Zayan loves his cot

Well that’s what we’ve been telling him the last 2 months. Unfortunately he hasn’t been listening. It became an expensive wooden storage cage ( ie. we’ve deposited our clothes) and changing place (by that i mean,we put his nappies etc there). It’s located just next to my side of the bed, hence handy to have extra nappies etc nearby to change him at night.

Anyway anyway anyway… the last 2 nights, he has been sleeping on his cot all night and extricated out only for feeds. *silent dance of joy*. (shh jangan bising, baby tidur!)

The secret?

I’m not sure exactly. Suddenly he’s ok to be left alone when sleeping. The difference I think is having the sling. He sleeps within minutes and loves it. Apparently research shows that babies being worn are less fussy and becones more settled. Coincidence? Not sure but we’re defo loving the sling.

Also we’re trying to do ‘The Pause’, where we watch him whenever he stirs or start to cry. Often he falls back asleep either without help or just by patting him. Other times, he’ll start crying. I pick him up before the crying goes full scale and then he goes back to sleep and happy to be put back in the cot. I try not to nurse him asap – so he learns to sleep by himself. Its only when he persistently cry that I feed him.

I’m still tentative on this. It feels too good to be true. That said, it’s quite hard cos m awake a lot more to make sure his crying doesnt go full scale and I have to be awake to make sure he goes back to the cot (before this, I just latch him and we fall asleep until he cries again for the next feed).

Anyway hope this good sleeping habit continues. I miss having him near me and the cuddles and I know he’s this small and cuddly just this once but I was beginning to miss having my own space in bed (now i can turn right! left! sleep on my back!). Apparently babies learn sleeping habits in the first four months of life, so figured must get him to sleep on his own now. Once I start working esp night shifts, it’d be a tougher job then and kesian M karang if he can only sleep with his mama or latched to a nipple.

Ok time to transfer zayan to cot *deep breath*

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