Heart on our sleeves

I’m not one to follow fashion trends – mostly cos I’m not aware of them until a season or two later. But I have noticed elbow patches all over town and they’re growing on me. These elbow patches are uber adorable though. And wadaya know, you can make it fairly easily with these simple instructions Making elbow patches


I just realised it’s Valentine’s next week. This wasnt meant to be Valentine’s post or anything (because it is HARAM *in scary voice*), I just thought it’s cute and insyaAllah I’ll try to make it. Does it sound like I’m settling into mummyhood and can join living with the rest of the world once again? I think so!

Ohh, on a sidenote, yesterday M and I were watching Friends episode where they were arguing on who will take care of Emma (Ross and Rachel’s baby girl) if they died. And immediately I thought who would take care of Zayan if me and M passed away. Like a psychic, M asked it out loud. After much discussion and in a manner of ‘Agree to Disagree’ (or rather, grudgingly agree on a compromise), we decided that the grandparents where baby is living at the time will have baby. uhuk his grandparents dont know this uhuk uhuk We also discussed about wills and how things wont be written down as we dont plan to write wills anytime soon. Without sounding even more morbid, M and I have talked before of what will happen if one of us dies. We concluded that we will live in our own country (and bring baby) – again we grudgingly agree to this.

Having an international marriage was never gonna be easy, we knew that from the beginning. But I hope we continue to reach decisions that we both agree and are happy with – or at least reach some sort of compromise. We’ve learnt from early on that we cannot and will not be able to make everyone happy. When we’re here, his Nini boy and Nini girl will surely miss him and see him grow up and when insyaAllah we’re in Brunei, his Dada and Nanny will miss him too. Alhamdulillah for relatively easy flying travel and skype, huh?

Ya Allah, please continue to make difficult decisions easy for us, to have those decisions easy to implement and live with, to have our family united always and always despite the distance.

Love , me

ps. Another post on writing wills one day, insyaAllah.

pps. Is it morbid that we’re thinking of these things? But we should always remember where we will be one day kan.


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4 responses to “Heart on our sleeves

  1. fad

    it is a reminder isn’t it. it is something that i sometimes think about but never discuss it openly because the husband doesnt like to talk about it. pernah one time i said something along the lines of “what if im not around, who’s going to do all these things (pasal baby) ” and he goes .. “im having none of this”. fullstop. its clearly a sensitive subject. umm..sensitive is probably not the word, but just one of those things that doesn’t get talked often because death is very hard to deal with? dont know if im making sense.

  2. Yeah I know what u mean. It’s not a subject easy to talk about. We (i mean, me) would rather not think about it because it’s something we fear about at the back of our heads. Now that we’re married and have built this *life*, it’s difficult to imagine anything otherwise and to imagine the other person won’t be around.

    I read this and it mirrors exactly how I feel! Maybe something u can relate? http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/01/do-you-ever-worry-about-your-partner.html

    • fad

      totally! its just plain scary to think about the what ifs of our other half and those who we hold dearly to our heart.

      *sigh* lets not dwell too much into this! its too deep for my monday morning. hahaha.

      hope you and zayan are doing well! u totally rock the sling! bought one for myself cos i happen to be one those people whos very old school and think if org dulu dulu can do it, i can do it too.. but i gave up too fast on this after failing the first few try. but well done you! x

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