Pictures post

Pictures post! Cos I’m lazy ~

Sling with Ayah

Have I mentioned that M wants to be called Ayah? He calls his dad Abba but he says he wants to be called ayah. Anyway, this is trying out our new sling. As Zayan cannot be put down when asleep and hence limiting my daily acitivites, I bought this. And it’s awesome! I have my two hands once again!! It actually makes me excited to do house chores :p

Look, no hands!

I’m lil worried that he’ll get dependent on being held all the time but since my parents are going soon, figured I need a solution once I’m home alone with just bebe. Apparently, babies that are being carried like so are less fussy after awhile and settles more. Let’s hope so! InsyaAllah~

Gorgeous iphone clutch ever!

These are for my sister in laws (durang minta kirimkan). They’re gorgeous as everrrrrr. Think it’d be great to use for the never ending jemputans back home!

We went out yesterday to Zizzi and met up with my friend Michelle. It’s the first time we (as a family) had a meal with someone else outside family. He behaved until the end in which he wanted feed, nappy change and cuddles (in that order). That’s us enjoying dessert. Hazelnut cheesecake with chocolate filling and vanilla mascarpone. *licks fingers*

Edit: Actually, we have been out for meals with non-familia – in London with Aunty Fau and Eyan and in Birm with Uncle Upi and Aunty Ajimah 😛

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