Are we materialistic?

I was thinking about this all day. Yesterday M and I got talking about why kids get all the snazzy stuff these days, to which we had a lot of theories (guilt, keeping up with the johnsons among a few) and then he said – ‘And I guess typically bruneians are materialistic’.

I stopped and wanted to defend my typical countrymen… but found it difficult to refute this. So I thought about it all day and wondered are we really? Or are we just NOT financially savvy? And please dont get me started on ‘Bruneians are rich people anyway’ theory.

I’m trying to understand where these consumerism traits of ours come from. With my Msian friends, I was definitely more money conscious – feeling more guilty on spending on wants (expensive ‘wants’) rather than needs. And as a group, we would rather spend on experiences – we didn’t mind spending in NY on broadway musical or going skiing in the Swiss Alps. My friends (British and Msian) seem to be good in saving money too … and actually saving with a purpose. Like for future wedding (even tho no plans of Mr Right as yet) or to buy a house.

I’m not trying to diss here, I am guilty of being a brand fiend. uhuk nike snob uhuk And have my guilty pleasures from bags and shoes too (can never have too much of either).

At the moment, I’m happy to possess a second hand car, thinking I’ll buy my dream car when I’m a senior registrar ie a few more years. When I talked to my friend back home, she says its ok to have a ford focus here but she feels back home, with her job (she’s a medic too), she feels pressured to have a higher status car. I’m sure she’s not alone in this thinking, nor do I judge her for it.

Not sure how to sum it up. I spend a lot on expensive wants too. But I guess I wish there’s less of consumerist (materialist?) attitude amongst our society.

Love me

ps. Maybe cos we dont have great shopping in Bru, we go all crazy when going elsewhere?

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