Junior doctors

New programme on telly called ‘Junior Doctors:Your Life in their hands. It sounds dramatic but all you see is thrm trying to put a cannula in (one of the basic but can be challenging jobs) or writing in the notes or assisting a senior in something. Which is good really cos it shows how unglamorous life as a medic really is, especially a junior medic.

There were 2 mantras I had during my house officer year: “This is all character building” and “I’m just a kuli… but a good kuli”. The latter is an acceptance of where I am in the medical ladder but also making sure that even though i am the ward monkey, ill make sure m a good one at it! You see, as the junior dr, you get to do the crappy boring jobs like writing tedious discharge letters, walking that 4 stories down to the pathology lab, grovelling at the radiologists to get a scan done. And then fretting when you cant get it done cos with some consultants, you feel like theyll hit the fan when things dont go their way. It used to depress me about being the ward monkey…until a wise senior advised that as soon as I accept it, I’ll feel better. And I did. We all have to go through being at the bottom and being given the crap jobs. It doesnt mean you have to do all of it or should be given all the jobs but you have to accept…you’re at the bottom. Do your job well and people will take you seriously and give you better opportunties and challenges.

I remember one consultant I worked with had such a temper that if he walks into the ward, it feels like theres dark clouds looming over him. Everyone avoids eye contact with him, I hide behind my SHO.

I remember him demanding a patient be diacharged by TOMORROW even though we couldnt arrange a nursing home for her just yet. With all my powers, I couldnt conjure a place in a nursing home for her just like that. So I fretted around before the next day’s ward round,making sure she’s last to be seen and maybe hoping she goes to the toilet so he wont see her! (He did see her and glared at me for failing the task. “I cant PHYSICALLY get her out of the hospital!” He didnt say anything. Phew!) **

Anyway by the by, more years under the belt insyaAllah. Though this staying at home bit is not bad. Wish I can do part time! Well I can but means I’ll be extending my training years much much longer.

Love me

* A few months later, my friend worked with the same scary consultant and I found her looking stressed at the drs mess. Turns out he wanted her to get another patient discharged too! Haha!

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