Welcome, Year of the Dragon!

This will be a random post because I’ve been meaning to write things but nothing substantial to write about, u know what I mean?

I’ve re-joined the twitter world but find that (a) I seem to go over the word limit and then cant be bothered to write a sequel to the first tweet, and so deleted the original tweet. There is no (b).

I saw a friend of mine *shout out to Adam and Lyn!* fb pics where they posted pic of them on holiday (holiday!) with M Nasir. I tried to explain to M who M.Nasir is by you tubing him. I wanted to explain how amazing (read: masculinely sexy) his voice is but he doesn’t seem to get it.

“Setapak melangkah, dua langkah ingatan kanda pada dinda” – Hang Tuah

“Adinda bersumpah jikalau kekanda tidak kembali, adinda akan menyusul kekanda, meminjak pada tanah yang sama, bernafas pada udara yang sama ” – Puteri Gunung Ledang (I voice this out in my head – perasan Puteri Gunung Ledang)

“Apakan daya, tangan terikat dilangit, kaki terpasak dibumi, jasad tidak setanding mimpi” ~ Hang Tuah

“Layar berbelok-belok, sauh dibungkar di tempat tenang..Yang tinggal hati tak elok, yang pergi hati tak senang. Bila sampai waktu, kita akan bersama” – Hang Tuah (Hang Tuah voiced by M.Nasir of course)

Anywayyyyy, melarat tia pulang. M did not get it though – this M.Nasir craziness. You know in American Idol, all these girls fawn over and go gaga crazy over (tua) Steven Tyler, which I dont get ever. But then I think of M.Nasir and I guess (to me, lah) M.Nasir is the malay Steven Tyler. LOL LOL LOL

I have also decided not to show M the above dialogue because I know the essence will be lost when I try to translate it to him.

“With each step taken….uhhhh….two steps I take to you…..uhhhhh I swear if you don’t return, I will follow you, walking on the same soil, ummm breathing the same air”

I google translated it:
“Step to step, two steps at my sister Umbelino memory”

“Adinda swear if kekanda not return, younger brother will follow kekanda, meminjak on the same soil, breathe the same air”

Firstly what is Umbelino memory? And mana datangnya younger brother ani?

This is too random, I’ll end it with…..

Our CNY ‘celebration’ in Birmingham …. with the rest of Birm.

M *really* wanted to check out the fireworks and Lion dance in conjunction with CNY celeb. I was apprehensive cos the last time we were out in public, where there’s LOTSA people, was when we took him out in London during Boxing Day. It was horrible. Ok, so he was 2 weeks old and we had 2 weeks experience as parents. But still. I was traumatised. He was crying almost non-stop at one point and even when we were back, he was STILL crying. Gaaaah.

Anyway, I must say….. he was a really good boy today. You could say, he missed almost all of it. Slept through the banging of the lion dance, the fireworks, throughout our late lunch. I dont geddit….dirumah trbatuk saja, tebangun tia!!

He woke up only at Lutfi and Azimah’s place for feed and nappy change. (Thanks guys!!!) Will post pics as soon as M upload it to his laptop.

Right now he has snoozed too, easily. The last few nights, it’s been difficult to put him to sleep in the evening. Ie. he would be awake from 6 pm to 11 pm. (AWU!!!) either feeding, nappy change, wanting to play and then back to feeding. When we came back today, he had slight crankiness but he’s now asleep! By himself!

Ok, time for me to relax. Daaaaa~~~~


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2 responses to “Welcome, Year of the Dragon!

  1. Lyn

    Yayyyyyy kami kena shout out!! Woohoo!

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