Which country is most baby friendly?

Whilst traveling seems like a faraway dream right now, I’m constantly thinking where next to go. Obviously I would love love love to go back home and have zayan meet the rest of his family and aunty/uncles-who-are-my-friends-but-feels-like-family. But we *just* registered him the other day (yay! zayan is legally recognised now in this country!) and yet to apply for his passport.

Also because M has fixed annual leave, we cant go anytime soon as he’s having his annual leave in 2 weeks time. Too soon to have passport ready and too soon for baby to travel (M thinks— I reluctantly have to agree. I can imagine him melalak during the flight and is receiving death stares from other passengers). Just going out for 2-3 hours, apatah lagi 18 hr flight.

Anyway I can still dream. And so I think a baby friendly country would be: Japan. Cos their transport system is efficient and I imagine the country to be clean. I’m also intrigued to go to Denmark and see babies sleeping in their pram outside cafes. Apparently, this is what they do: they believe the cold fresh air is good for the babies, the mums (and/or dads) have a cuppa inside and solves the problem of stroller manouvering in tight spaces. After all, a place where people have a lot of trust in leaving their babies outside must be safe right….right??

But for some reason, I’m reading up ob Kazakhstan. You see, during Jimas (an islamic dawah) conference, I met some bruneians and their two kazakh twin friends. The girls were all amazingly nice and friendly. And whilst I only planned to go for the day (and not stay over), theyconvinced me otherwise and I ended up sleeping in the same room with the twins.

*apparently I look like a kazakh to them!*

According to lonely planet, its a great holiday destination: picturuesque, friendly people and still have that raw quality yet to be devoured by hungry, consumerists tourists.

But it might be awhile *sigh* So ill just plan on a more realistic one…like stopping by KL and see some of my favourite people, the leicester msian
crew who I miss dearly. And this time, bring M to somewhere else in Msia like Melaka or Penang where I can have local free guides 🙂

Ahhhh I wanna go hooomeeee~~~

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