Rock a bye baby

I know I’m supposed to finish my post re Our Birth Story but the ending needs to be written thoroughly I feel, it’s the epic part no?

But its 11 pm, I’ve *finally* put baby to sleep and I havent seen my husband in his awake state for more than an hour in the last 24 hours. So I dont feel like finishing it really. What I want to tell you is that I think we’ve hit a curve, and we’re going uphill baby!

Well yesterday Zayan was up *all* day. He’s usually awake in the morning after 9am and then fall asleep every 2 hour (or less) after 11am. But somehow he stayed awake till it was time to bring him to clinic at 1pm for his and mine 6 week check. At the clinic, he stayed awake – and we were there for almost 2 hours (BATAH tunggu, inda durang tau kah babies ani inda penyabar duduk diam/tidur mcm babies lain esp if namanya Zayan Mumtathil Ali). He finally zonked out at 3pm. The result? Slept like a baby. A baby.

You see, zayan loves staying awake more than anything. I like to think it means he’s curious with the world – uhuk easily distracted. He fights so hard to stay awake a lot of times. And and he cannot sleep without being held. Yes, you read that right.

In the beginning he can sleep at least on his rocker swing but now jangan harap. He cannot he put down for more than 20 minutes. That’s enough for a shower/poo/pray – not necessarily all done at the same time (but possible). *weeps silently*

I’ve been thinking this over and over and over on how to rectify this. I’ve tried to put him down and when he wakes up, put him to sleep and back down again… except it’s not as simple as that. He would want a snack feed or needs napoy change or would mean another round of rocking and singing. Then I’ll put him down gingerly, holdin my breath and tiptoe away…. not long after that, the mighty Zayan awakens! And the cycle begin. By the third or fourth round, he gets crankier and it’s
more dfficult to put him to sleep. And me? I would be holding my tears (or not) and give up. ‘You win this time, zayan!’

Because he’s not gaining weight well and we have to work on his latching still, I’ve decided to focus more on his feeding now. I believe sleeping counts in helping babies grow and thrive. Plus last week, he’s been waking up EVERY hour at night to feed. Kapisan! So in daytime, Zayan wins and sleep on my (or anyone else’s) arms.

My point of the story really is….. he slept for FIVE hours last night and has been sleeping on his own in daytime most of the time since yesterday. Has the major waking up time made him sleep more fitfully? Is this just a temporary glitch in his sleep pattern?

Whatever it is, I am happpyyyy and praying this will continue. *thinks wistfully* I remember the days of sleeping for a long long time, it was goood.

Love me

ps Ive been reading re sleep training, where you let the baby cry it out and theyll fall asleep eventually. And each day theyll cry lesser and lesser. firstly my mum will be distress with this plan and secondly i’m not sure how long ill last. It would have to be a time when m
sure he doesnt need nappy change and he’s tanked up full. we’ll see if
I resort to doing this one aday.


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2 responses to “Rock a bye baby

  1. fadlina

    i read that you should attend to your baby immediately when he cries so that he feels safe and secure. i think it helps withtheir emotional being too. Ive had my aunties tell me that i should not biasakan my baby d badan saja and that kalau ia menangis biarkan saja because drg pandai diam sendiri but i just cannot find it in me to do that. mcm who else would your baby find comfort in if not you. it will get better, InsyaAllah xx

    • Yeahh I read that too. And think babies shouldnt be left too cry for long. But I wonder if its beter the way the French does it – to pause for a bit before tending to straight away. (I cant stand hearing him cry for too long tho!)

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